About me

Sweta Sanker is an illustrator and architectural designer based between her hometown of Kuala Lumpur and London. She graduated from the University of Bath with a First-class Honours degree in Architecture in 2020 and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Architecture at the Royal College of Art in London.

During her time in university, Sweta’s interest in social and community-based architecture led her to create Swetects – a graphic designing and illustrative platform which focusses on showcasing the joyful and comical sides of architecture.

On a more personal note, Sweta is a keen advocate in empowering women's rights. Through her illustrative work, she hopes to be able to give back to the community by donating to various charities across the globe which primarily focus on underrepresented groups of women and children.


2020 YCN New Now - Greetings UK (Link here)

2020 Most Joyous Project - Easton Circle (Link here) (Full project here)

2019 Basil Spence Award - Service (Link here) (Full project here)

2018 Oculus European City Award - Communitas (Full project here)

Architectural Work Experience:

2020 - West Port & Company, London

2019 - HKR Architects, London

2018 - Ryder Architecture, London

2017 - TR Hamzah & Yeang, Kuala Lumpur

2017 - HMSK Architecture, Kuala Lumpur

What is Swetects

Swetects is an illustrative and graphic designing platform - offering a wide range of services, including but not limited to designs of greeting cards, posters, logos, artwork and party invitations, illustrations and caricatures.

With every commission, part of the profits go towards sponsoring my 'sister's' education through Women for Women UKWhat does this mean?

Women for Women UK is an amazing charity that helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives through providing education and support through a series of classes in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Hence, every month, I put a standard amount of money towards my 'sister's' education through Women for Women. By commissioning an illustration from Swetects, you are helping fund my sister's education and my cause. So thank you - for making a difference in my 'sister's' education! 

To place a commission, please check out the 'custom portraits' page on my website or contact me via email hello@swetects.com if you have a special request!

To make a donation to support me and my cause : http://paypal.me/swetects


The dream

Total money RAISED so far : 

£298 for the Great Ormond Street Hospital, CRASH and Women for Women UK

£499 for Women for Women UK

For more information about the charities you will be supporting when requesting a commission, check out:

Women for Women UK



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